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"It all comes down to consistency. Your experience in building or buying a home hinges on feeling good about your purchase. Accurate price estimates and realistic timelines are important to us. We are happy to answer your calls with determination to exceed your expectations. Ultimately, homes built by Maplewood Custom Homes are built well. Whether you choose to build a custom home with us or buy one of our beautiful finished homes, it will be one that matches your lifestyle and budget. A home with lasting value. We look forward to hearing from you!"

Denny and Kathy Einck

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Welcome home! These are the words we look forward to sharing as you move into the home of your dreams. There are many different builders in Minnesota and we’re glad that you’ve taken a moment to consider Maplewood Homes.


Clients from all backgrounds are welcome! Maplewood Homes specializes in “step-up” and “step-down” homes. Some of our clients are looking to move up from a starter home while others are downsizing, including a retirement home. We have also created homes for families with special needs as well as families from diverse cultures.


Smaller custom home builder = personal attention to detail. Maplewood Homes is set apart from larger contractors by our reputation for quality construction and customer satisfaction. During early planning sessions, I enjoy sketching preliminary designs by hand, allowing for creative and necessary adaptations.


If you desire additional help in expressing a vision, we are equipped with plans of finished homes to help in the process. We believe that every successful project begins with getting to know our clients well and understanding how they live. From start to finish, we offer a personable approach to an otherwise complex project. Maplewood Homes builds its trust by keeping a watchful eye on every step of the building process. We share a hands-on approach to ensuring that every detail is in place. Our construction sites are clean and family-friendly. We are present on site from the day you finalize floor plans to the day you move into your new home.

Your Experience is Our Experience
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Experience matters! With more than 55 years combined experience in the construction industry, my wife Kathy and I are proud to be the owners of Maplewood Custom Homes.


We are thrilled to have won top honors at the Rochester Area Builders Fall Showcase of Homes every year since our first entry in 2004. With only three or four homes underway simultaneously, each project receives the quality consideration and focus that it deserves.

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High standards make the difference! High performance filters, quality air systems, humidifiers, and radon abatement systems are just a few of the standards that Maplewood Custom Homes takes into consideration for your healthy home.


We aim for our homes to be current with not only the trends, but also the healthiest products on the market. The subcontractors we use are some of the best in their fields and we are proud to showcase their work. From cabinetry to painting, we believe in our partners.


We continue to move in an upward motion with a continued raising up and climbing higher in our quality standards and all building standards in the industry.

Watch our video here and see some of our work and get acquainted with us and see what we can do for you as a design / build custom home builder and remodeler.


We are always looking to help you begin that process bringing you years of experience and quality that will last you a lifetime.