The Maplewood Homes Steps To Building

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Steps To Building A Home With Maplewood Homes

We have a 13 Step Process for Design-Build with Maplewood Custom Homes, here are just a few of those steps and you may view them in our VIDEO CHANNEL


Designing and building a new home can be a very rewarding and memorable experience. Familiarizing yourself with the process will be well worth your time.
Questions to consider:
1. What is your budget?
2. Where do you want to live?
3. What style of home do you desire?
4. How long do you plan to live there?
5. What is your timeframe for building?

Creating A Vision

Creating a vision:
It’s time to think more specifically. It may help to start with your current home and consider what you love, as well as what you’d like to change or improve upon.
1. Number of garage stalls? Direction garage will face from the street?
2. Number of bedrooms and bathrooms?
3. Fireplaces, walk-in closets, wet bar, pantry, etc?
4. Balcony, porch, deck?
5. Other special areas: Workshop? Office? Home theater? Guest suite?


Congratulations! You’ve decided to build a home in Minnesota.
Now it’s time to find the lot. Consider the following things:
1. Your budget.
2. The neighborhood, schools, shopping, entertainment, ease of commute and safety.
3. Parks, lakes, trees, other natural amenities in Minnesota
4. The size of lot that you need and desire.
5. The view that you will have from your home.

Maplewood Custom Homes Builder Rochester Minnesota entryway interior
Meeting With Your Builder

Meeting with your home builder:
Finding the right contractor is one of the most important decisions you will make. By choosing Maplewood Homes, you can be assured that your home in beautiful Minnesota will be built by people you can trust. You can be confident in our partnership.

Putting The Vision (Plan) On Paper

Putting the plan on paper:
Maplewood Homes is proud to offer custom-designed homes created specifically for the families that will live there. It begins at your kitchen table when you share your answers to the questions above. The questions may even lead to more questions. By seeing the home come to life on paper, it becomes much easier to make modifications until they are just right. Not every builder has the skill or time to spend on this step of the process, but to us- it’s the most important.


Signing the contract:
A signed and dated contract with Maplewood Homes will describe the project in detail and include a listing of what will be included in your house.


Always remember to read any contract in buying or building a home in its entirity and seek legal council for any terms of the contract you may not understand or have questions with. Do not rush into any contracts without your due diligence.


We value communication as your new home is constructed. Any questions you might have can be addressed directly to us through e-mail or cell phone. It’s a benefit to working with Maplewood Homes. The following list outlines the order in which a home is built:


Obtaining a Building Permit
Site Work
Windows, Doors, and Exterior Walls
Siding, Roofing, Plumbing, Electric
Interior Finishes
Exterior Finishes


Best wishes as you begin the adventure of home building or remodeling with Maplewood Homes! We look forward to working with you.