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Our Customers Make us An Award Winning Builder In Rochester and SE Minnesota 

The Hoffman's Story

Building a house has always been a dream for our family. When we finally had the chance, we took it very seriously. We interviewed about six builders (after winding down a much larger list). Each other builder was fine, but they all generally felt the same. After our initial meeting with Maplewood, I immediately knew they were the builder for us! 


What set them apart in my mind is that they were ready and more than willing to help us puzzle together a 100% custom house within our budget. Many builders use the word “custom”. However, Maplewood Custom Homes delivers the ability to work out a floor plan from scratch, as well as finish the home to your specific taste and budget. 


They first listened to our ideas/wants/likes/dislikes before working out a plan with us (and continued to work and re-work the plan until it was just right). They were willing to answer question after question regarding the building process. We were building a home in a rural setting, so there were many extra considerations such as driveway construction, septic construction, and bringing in utilities. Further, we were very interested in some alternative building options (such as using a boiler to heat water, spray foam insulation, radiant floor heating, creating lines for future solar panels or wood-burning stoves). Denny carefully and thoroughly explained the options. He gave us honest feedback on certain ideas and got us into contact with the pros who could help us make the correct decision. We always felt confident they could handle all the components to our build.


Once we were past the initial build/infrastructure phase, we moved into interior/exterior finishes. Once again, this was 100% custom. We were given the flexibility to choose products from wherever we pleased. They provided a list of their tried and true subcontractors/suppliers which was a valuable resource. Because of this, we were able to shop around and find things we really liked as well as be in control of the cost. 


We felt the pricing was very fair, especially after having met with other builders where the pricing was a little fuzzy. The allowances provided were appropriate.  The standard items like windows or trim work are of high quality-not cheap. The end result is a well designed, well built, efficient house that meets our specific needs and wants. And, most importantly, was within our budget.

Hoffman / Rochester, MN

A home is more than bricks and wood, it's a reflection of you. We build each custom house with you in mind, knowing that this place is where you’ll begin each day, trusting that this is where you’ll want to be when the sun sets.

The Gray's Story

THE GRAYS' STORY“ From the moment we first stepped into a Maplewood home, we experienced an overwhelming sense that our search for the perfect home was over. And once we’d moved in, that sense of being in the “right” place only grew. We love the innovative design, the light-filled spaces, the custom touches, the fine details of workmanship, and, most of all, the livability of the interior. And the exterior stands out for its uniqueness in the neighborhood – its native stone retaining wall, the siding’s textures and hues. Even after a year, we continue to be “surprised” as we approach from a distance. “It’s gorgeous and it’s ours!” We greatly appreciate your client-centered approach to home building and your prompt and courteous communication style. All in all, our experience with Maplewood Homes has been a WIN - WIN.”

Lee & Dianne Gray– Rochester, MN

The Anderson's Story

THE ANDERSONS' STORY“We all really love this new house! The kids are excited to have friends over and we all really enjoy it. I will be in the laundry room folding clothes and enjoying the warm tile under my feet, the counter to fold clothes on, the sunlight coming in the window, and I think – this is my favorite room in the house. I love our master suite; the shower, the tray ceiling, the window seat, and the light switches by the bed. I love our gas fireplace, the kitchen and the vaulted ceilings. I really can’t pick out my favorite thing. We want to thank you for your excellent work. You really work with the customer. You are a skilled, intelligent and gifted contractor. Your work is timely and the quality is superb. You are very down-to-earth and reasonable and a pleasure to work with. We hope we can keep in touch. Feel free to drop by anytime you are in the neighborhood. Thank you so much for the beautiful house!”

Jim & Sara Anderson– Mazeppa, MN

The Reises' Story

THE REISES' STORY“ We would like to thank both of you for doing such a great job on our new addition. Your expertise, willingness and openness to new ideas and changes made remodeling a very enjoyable experience.


We both appreciated the way you kept us informed and returned our calls. Your first class quality workmanship will be remembered. We highly recommend your services to others!”

Rob & Carolin Reis– Oronoco, MN

The Sundants' Story
The Brases' Story

THE BRASES' STORY“We could not have built our home so happily and affordably with another builder. We are still amazed at how you were able to make it all happen – 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, the laundry upstairs, a window seat and unique stairway; you truly listened to our requests and worked with the plans until they were just right.


Most impressive of all was that you kept it within our budget. Anyone can offer ‘quality and value.’ We know firsthand that Maplewood Homes really delivers. Thank you for a great experience; if we ever build again, you’ll be the first call we make.”

Adam & Amy Brase– Oronoco, MN

THE SUNDTS' STORY“We had a wonderful experience building with Maplewood Homes. We absolutely love our new home and look forward to raising our family in the beautiful space created through partnering with Denny and Kathy Einck.


This was our 2nd experience with building a custom home and after having a terrible experience the first time around I was not excited to do it all over again. However, Denny and Kathy gave us guidance every step of the way. They were professional, honest and hard working. They were always willing to listen to our concerns and offer great suggestions and solutions.


Every time we went to visit with subcontractors and they asked who we were building with, when we told them Maplewood Homes, they would always say, "We love working with Denny and Kathy!" And now we can say that as well. I would highly recommend Maplewood Homes to anyone considering building a custom home.” 

Dan & Wendy Sundt– Oronoco, MN

The Kulas' Story

THE KULASES'' STORY“From the beginning, Denny & Kathy were so easy to talk to. When we had suggestions, they always listened and were willing to make changes. We looked at a model home to start with and made changes to the plan for our home. When we had a problem with our patio, they said they’d fix it until it was the way we liked it. They are a very pleasant couple and eager to please.


We really liked working with their realtor, Julie, too. We were so happy to have her associated with them. Julie helped me shop for countertops and flooring. I am not a shopper, so it was a great help! As a team, Denny, Kathy and Julie really click.


The extra little things that they did impressed us the most. Denny was so helpful. And if anything came up with the subcontractors, Kathy took care of it. She got a hold of them right away and made sure it was done the way we liked it. Maplewood Homes really works for you.

Marv & Judy Kulas– Rochester, MN