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Home Site Selection

When deciding to build a new home we often see families pool their resources together to begin the design build process. Here are a few things about selecting you home site and positioning your home on that lot or acreage after your design build team on-site consultation.

Remembering what was important to you and why you decided to build a home in the first place needs to be discussed and your experienced design build contractor. They will help you prioritize what is most important in qualifying your new home location, style, and type to develop an established detailed vision. Maplewood Custom Homes helps you through your unique lot selection process in a systematic way that keeps the project simple and fun to make building your home a reality.

In this case example the desire of the new home owners was to create an extraordinary home for a lifestyle, with a home that has a beautiful back yard area for all seasons of the year to enjoy personally as a haven, entertain friends, and be close to nature and family. (Sample photos above from previous project)

So literally any project starts with the foundational things of the design build process that are important for practicality reasons and pulling it together aesthetically with a refined process of all the fundamental building blocks. Lets take a closer look...

In this particular case the family of this new home construction project are close and it is important to live by each other so they pulled their resources together to enjoy land that is in the family. A beautiful hillside wooded location with views was selected. When Maplewood Homes meet with the future homeowners on-site to do an evaluation and consult according to the vision already established, Maplewood's experience was useful to established site plan.

Excavation to make this home site work was going to take a great deal of planning. The excavator had to grub trees, set grades for the foundation needed, steak out house using the parameters of north, south, east, and west direction is necessary to position the best home location for all seasons of the year. Other major considerations were preserving the natural setting, and developing accessibility during and after the final construction phase with the hillside grades.

The heavy canopy of trees including planned tree forestation plantings, were at times making planning the home's position on the acreage hard for interpretation at times. The soil type with a rocky hillside also had to be taken into consideration to calculate utilities, excavation and all other costs just to get to the point of setting the foundation.

Simply put! The successful end result starts with the first steps in the design build process of your new home. It is important to understand these important steps and their order to work with an experienced hands-on design build team to finish the design build on time and on budget... Subscribe for updates to follow this project.

Over the years Maplewood Custom Homes has seen this process get off to a rocky start, especially if you don't know what you are doing it can become very costly. More information on understanding Design Build Process can be found here.

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