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Mingle Meets Experience, Equates Premium Custom Homes – part 2

In part 2 of our cover story of our recent 2018 Fall Showcase of Homes in Rochester MN, Maplewood Custom Homes got to hear the voice of the people. The face-to-face opportunity at the showcase is priceless. It allows the design build team to meet and greet the public as they tour the homes. MINGLE MEETS EXPERIENCE, EQUATES PREMIUM CUSTOM HOMES!

In our approach with design build, one must never forget how we all like to use our space for the way we live!

Maplewood Custom Homes, LLC

From the inside out a Maplewood custom home is well thought out! What we mean is we listen to what you have to say every time we see you at an open, sit across the table from a potential client and our homeowners, and each time we build we continue to make improvements based on everything that is said adding to the Maplewood Custom Home experience!

“This is a wonderful layout for a home. I could live here forever”.

““I want to get a bottle of wine and stay right here by the fireplace tonight–

Please say I can”.

“This home has such a warm and inviting feel to it".

“Oh my, this home has an amazing first impression”.

“I love the mud room floor, it will never show any dirt”.

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