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Simply Effective Lighting with Maplewood Custom Homes

When it comes to your lighting selections in any home construction project be sure to consider this question. Does a room like the bathroom when lights are hung in front of the mirror have the benefit of creating more light? Some would say it makes the room twice as bright while others would argue that it only reflects the light and creates unwanted glare.

Truth be told there are a lot of variables that come into play. So starting with the type and size of a mirror some reflect up to 70% but they vary widely. Now consider your wall paint and wallpaper colors and textures, furniture, color of your linens and so on. The room will only be as bright as the watt of the bulbs. Different things will absorb and reflect your light differently and you will notice differences of glare where the light reflects. This also includes your paint finishes. Gloss reflects most while satin reflects some and matt absorbs light more quickly.

No, mirrors do not amplify light, they simply reflect or redirect it. But they can have some strategic benefits when planned out in the lighting design plan. The details are important when planning your different needs for a well lit home.

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