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MORE DETAILS In Design-Build with Maplewood Custom Homes, and NATURAL MATERIALS

Naturally speaking in our last discussion about selection and "Balance" of natural products with the "Design Build Process" let's take it a step further concerning your home projects. The simplest product selections like stone can probably leave impressions in your mind of the endless selection options. Now combine the use of more natural materials like stone and include granite, quartz, tile and the many other product selections available today and you have even more choices. This can become overwhelming. Secret, DON'T LET IT!

Have confidence in us as your contractor and we remind you to follow our proven design build process from concept to completion. As we walk you through your project remember when we first met with you we asked probing questions that only come by our years of experience to simplify this process. We qualified your decision making in those initial interviews and narrowed down your selections then. This simplified, once thought gruesome, and daunting task of product selection throughout the entire home project now becomes easier.

In the right timing we present these narrowed down options step-by-step, and room-by-room within your initial themes and desires of what will become your new custom home. Your will find during our process each step the project it will become more exciting rather than more stressful.

The finished product–YOUR CUSTOM HOME, will have your products meticulously selected. The details brought together will result in harmonious and flowing transitions from exterior to interior, and room-to-room proving extraordinary and well thought out.

The end result will be something reflecting your personality and pleasurable to live with!

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