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Step #1 of the 13 Design-Build Process Steps" with Maplewood Custom Homes

These steps were put together as a collaboration with #DesignBuildMagazine and #MaplewoodCustomHomes bringing you 13 design-build process steps over the next several weeks for a greater understanding of #DesignBuildProcess for your next new home.


Step #1. Select Your Design Build Team And Have Your First Meeting

Select your design build team and have your first meeting - This first step is probably your most important step to integrated project delivery. You are only as good as your team so choose your team wisely. See How To Select A Design Build Contractor Article for more help.

  • Look at houses you like in your area and find out who built them.​

  • Ask area lenders who they like to work with for custom home builders. Lenders will know which builders are the most reputable and which ones to avoid.​

  • Get references - we cannot emphasize this enough. You have to check out work that the prospective design build entity has done.​

  • If you are obtaining a loan to finance your dream home, be sure to ask all prospective design build firms which lenders they prefer. The entire process can go much smoother when the lender and builder have worked with each other on numerous occasions and know what to expect.

"Drive Neighborhoods To Get Ideas"

***Get your lender before you hire your design build firm. Your design build firm will need to know that you are pre-approved before working with you if you are financing the construction of your new home.

**source ** https://www.designbuildmagazine.com/design-build-process

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