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Step #2 of the 13 Design-Build Process Steps" with Maplewood Custom Homes

These steps were put together as a collaboration with #DesignBuildMagazine and #MaplewoodCustomHomes bringing you 13 design-build process steps over the next several weeks for a greater understanding of #DesignBuildProcess for your next new home.


Design-Build Process Step #2 - Create Your Vision

Step #2. Create Your Vision

Create your vision - This is where it starts to get fun. It's time to bring your dreams and ideas to your selected design build contractor. What is your vision for the construction of your home? ***These Days Less Is More... especially with the huge selection of quality products available.

  • When looking through various photos of houses that you like, including photos you have taken, social media, pinning and saving, bring those pictures and make notes of any details including architectural details that you like.

  • Get ideas from your design build firm. View their photo galleries, 3D tours, interactive galleries for ideas and inspiration? Ask for links and visit their web site. Ask your design build firm for new construction ideas that might work with your overall vision. Remember they are the professionals and they will listen to you.

  • Don’t worry about costs yet. Your team can work with you on how you can get your vision to fit your costs. Maybe you keep the same beautiful detail but make the square footage smaller. Or maybe your team can suggest other materials such as engineered hardwood instead of real hardwood floors. So don’t rule anything out at this stage of the selection process.

"Drive Neighborhoods To Get Ideas"

***These days less is more especially when it comes to the huge selection of styles, products and all the other selections involved in the construction of your new home.

**source ** https://www.designbuildmagazine.com/design-build-process

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