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Step #4 of the 13 Design-Build Process Steps" with Maplewood Custom Homes

These steps were put together as a collaboration with #DesignBuildMagazine and #MaplewoodCustomHomes to bring you the 13 design-build process steps over the next several weeks for a greater understanding of #DesignBuildProcess for your next new home.


Design-Build Process Step #4 - Determine Your Budget

Step #4. Determine your budget so you know just how much house you can afford

Determine your budget so you know just how much house you can afford - Now that you know what you need in your new home, determine the costs of those needs and then find out how much you can actually afford.

  • When paying all cash, this is the easiest to determine. You know how much cash you have to spend and the design build-team will set allowances that you cannot go over with material selections.

  • When using a lender you got a pre-approval amount before you hired your design-build contractor team, and now its time to work with that amount to figure out how much square footage you can get with what material selections within your budget.

"Drive Neighborhoods To Get Ideas"

**As your family grows your wants and needs change, so your professional design-build contractor will help you qualify now and in the future with their experience the best home for you now and in the future while keeping in mind resale value.

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**source ** https://www.designbuildmagazine.com/design-build-process

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