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Step #6 of the 13 Design-Build Process Steps with Maplewood Custom Homes

These steps were put together as a collaboration with #DesignBuildMagazine and #MaplewoodCustomHomes to bring you the 13 design-build process steps over the next several weeks for a greater understanding of #DesignBuildProcess for your next new home.


Design-Build Process Step #4 - Determine Your Budget

Step #6. Select Your Site and the Placement of Your Home on that Site

Select Your Site and the Placement of Your Home on that Site. - Once you know the neighborhood you need to find the exact piece of land or lot you want to build you dream home on.

  • Once again, your design build team will help you go through the process of discovering what is best suited to the type of home and amenities like walk outs, look outs and so on, It is also important to know what is not allowed on that lot too. Your design build team will get all the necessary permits to build your new home.

  • Walk the site with your team to determine the best place to situate your new home on that lot. Be precise. If you are off by three feet after you have poured the foundation, you can’t pick it up and move it.

"Drive Neighborhoods To Get Ideas"

**As your family decides on the best neighborhood or acreage to build you new home the site- location will best be determined by your professional design-build contractor. The will help you qualify the best realistic location with their experience to keep your vision alive with a connection to your buildings environment.

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**source ** https://www.designbuildmagazine.com/design-build-process

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