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Many Factors That Now May Be Great Timing For Building Your New Home With Maplewood Custom Homes

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

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Last week we discussed how this may be a great time to build your new home, addition, and remodeling construction project now. We discussed; producer prices in construction materials on certain items like OSB and waferboard, Softwood Lumber, were down at the time. OTHER FACTORS that involve the timing of your home projects and becoming a reality now, are market volatility and the "SUPPLY AND DEMAND" of all materials and how it directly reflects the Rochester, MN housing marketplace. LEARN MORE

Another huge factor on getting any residential new construction project going are the mortgage rates. As of now at the time of this post we are seeing Conventional 30 year fixed rates around 4%, while 15 year rates are even less. With the "design-build process step #4" (Check out the video i Tab Below) we recently pointed out at what time to set the projects budget, and when to acquire your financing in the construction process.

Even with substantial increases in building products including roofing, siding and flooring materials and products among other product increases, remember at Maplewood Custom Homes, we take you by-the-hand and can show you how to save on your new construction, remodeling, and addition using the "Design-Build Process".


So "first-time-buyer, building a step-up, or step-down home, "NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO BUILD". Taking all factors into account and the market volatility. AS Your "EXPERIENCED DESIGN-BUILD CONTRACTOR" and the use of our network TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS TIME TO MAKE A MOVE!


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