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The Savings Using Design-Build In Home Construction Also Has A Huge Contributor– Called EXPERIENCE!

When you think about building a new home what is the most important ingredient in selecting your builder? Is the quality of the homes they build meeting your expectations? What about the design? Does it make sense for my everyday lifestyle and are there those elements of unexpectedness? When you have your new customized finished home and you wonder how did the builder ever think of that, in a good way where it has practical and cool idea combined.

This home, custom designed and built according to the homeowner's specifications came in on the top of our list of satisfied clients. When they moved into the Rochester NE neighborhood after the home was finished they were delighted with everything and were looking forward to years of enjoyment.

The finishes were well thought out and the homeowners eye for interior design made the project so fun as the project came together. When you plan a home's design it is formed and fashioned around the occupants lifestyle and plans. But as we all know plans do change, and how quickly they can. For the homeowner one change occurred, and a short 18 months later the home was listed on the market for sale.


With the Design-Build construction delivery process of this newly constructed custom home they not only have a quality home but also saved time and money on the residential project.

The happy ending– after a few short days the home sold for more than what it cost to build it! This was not only possible through the efficiencies of design build delivery, being a large part of how this was possible, but the bigger picture here is EXPERIENCE! An experienced design-build contractor can maneuver meticulously through the process for a great ending to your home building story, there are many advantages!


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