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Beyond Aesthetics In New Home Construction

As a general contractor in the State of Minnesota a home builder has huge responsibilities that go with the role. A home can have a sense of beauty, and look good, and still have problems caused by several issues.

If your not knowledgable in your role of homeownership and general home maintenance responsibilities, keep in mind new home construction is just that– "A NEW HOME". And it comes with a home warranty!

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In our region of the United States, in Minnesota As a licensed Builder in Minnesota, we are bound to abide by the statutory Home Warranties. To sum up the legal version of the warranties, we are bound to warranty:

1. Coverage includes 1 year from defects caused by faulty workmanship and defective materials.

2. Coverage includes 2 years from defects caused by faulty installation of plumbing, electrical and heating and venting and cooling systems.

3. Coverage includes 10 years free from major construction defects.

We have extreme weather and deal with the elements in our region or anywhere a home is built, causing potential issues during various seasons and times of the year. #YourNewHome needs to be #BuiltToPerform ! As an example, with weather changes they can cause expansion, contraction especially with extreme and prolonged fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. These changes in your home are certain and as a homeowner you should take extreme precautions to avoid potential issues.

Like an automobile that requires maintenance and care, your Home is the vehicle you live in and is a much larger investment needing even more care and it should increase in value over time. That's another topic for later...

In addition to the warranties, we as builders are bound to provide the new construction PERFORMANCE GUIDELINES as written and adopted by Builders Association of Minnesota. Please review and contact us with any questions.

New home construction technology and product quality continues to improve. As a builder we keep up on these things as well as hiring only dependable licensed subcontractors to enforce and keep up on these home building improvements and building codes. In Minnesota, In every sale of a completed dwelling, and in every contract for the sale of a dwelling to be completed, the vendor shall warrant to the vendee.

Maplewood Custom Homes uses only credible licensed contractors on our team, and you can be certain that any issues with your new home that may arise are addressed. Creating a win-win for all and the new home you have always wanted. If situations arise, homeowners must communicate when they think they have a potential problem and call their general contractor first thing.

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