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Q&A: How Do I Save Time and Money Building An Addition, Remodeling, or Basement Finishing for Qu

Simply put. With any construction Project you need a great plan. How about one that saves you time and money along with a great quality outcome when building an addition, remodeling, or doing a basement finish project.

So one can ask in our home building profession,

Q: How can I build a home addition, do home remodeling, and basement finishing projects as efficiently as possible and get the most out of the project?

A: The answer is simple... USE DESIGN-BUILD PROCESS and maximize on the efficiencies with this construction delivery method while getting superior quality with Maplewood Custom Homes for any size project.

The "Design-Build Process" is not just for new construction projects when it comes to delivering on the goods!


Every detail of the Design-Build Process is important right down to putting on the cabinetry hardware, getting the right finishes, and getting those always wanted soft-close drawers...

Follow your design-build contractors lead on the process. It increases your chances of getting what you want and need in your next Home project within your budget while adding to your home value!

When your doing a #HomeAddition or #HomeRemodeling or even #BasementFinishing don't quit planning or think its just another project compared to #NewHomeConstruction. It is just as important for a successful outcome and building value into your investment as a homeowner, that using design-build delivery contractor will pay off in your completed project.

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