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Lot and location selection of your new home with Maplewood Custom Homes

Don't compromise on the LOCATION of your home! Every one has an ideal location in mind and yet when we can deal with limited lot inventory, as is the case in Rochester, MN. We must really search for what is idealistic and realistic. But know we as builders often have our own lot inventory and it is wisely selected for the ideal custom design-build home in a "build-to-suit" arrangement as is the case with Maplewood Custom Homes.


Choosing the neighborhood you want to live in can be a daunting task when residential lot inventory is limited to choose the right lot or acreage where you want to live. - You may already have a good idea of where you want to live. But once you know the style of house you want to build, you will know whether or not you can do that in the neighborhood you want to build in. Check covenants and building restrictions. Different neighborhoods have different covenants and restrictions on the types of houses that can be built. "Lean on your builders experience here. It can keep your lot search on the straight and narrow saving you a lot of time and energy!!!" Says Denny and Kathy Einck– owners of Maplewood Custom Homes...

With Maplewood Custom Homes as your design-build team, we will help you to work with local officials to find out what you can and cannot build. Too often when building a new home people buy the lot and then realize they cannot do what they wanted to do.

Letting the builder help you find the right lot is common and like with Maplewood, we select the finest lots like the one this model home is strategically placed on due it's location with an amazing view. Maplewood has done the heavy lifting for you as you continue to research the neighborhood and area. Other questions you need the answers to may include; Does the neighborhood have a reputable school district? Is it growing or declining in population? What is the crime rate? If you ever need to sell your home, these will all be important factors that will affect the resale value of your home.. We discussed this in Steps #5, Of The 13 Steps of the Design Build Process.


Take time to dream, and brainstorm with your design-build company to create your vision with their knowledge and experience of the SE Minnesota and Rochester home marketplace.


The amenities are so important to #BuildingYourDreamHome today. Have the confidence that with Maplewood Custom Homes and their real estate network that you can find a lot that works for you. Our model homes, and custom design build homes, are all the result of listening to our homeowners so you get #HomeTheWayYouWantIt and #HomeTheWayYouNeedIt with Maplewood Custom Homes.

Get more information on residential lots and building for your lifestyle in SE Minnesota.

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