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"Lots" And "Lots Of Experience" With Maplewood Custom Homes

We recently talked in our blog about "LOT SELECTION" and finding that right-for-you "LOCATION" to build your new home in Rochester, and South Eastern Minnesota. We have lots that are strategically selected that we build on for our clients. Our experience of our many experiences for our clients are diverse and we try to have readily available lot inventory that is right for your new home.

The End Home Result With The Right Lot, Will Pay Off!

As your home is built on the lot selected, we make certain that you maximize your lot amenities by using our experience in home placement on your lot!

Many times we will have past clients, new clients and potential clients come to us and they already have their own lot or acreage and the process then begins a little differently but ultimately the same with the design process. It generally begins with selecting the best type of home to build on your lot including using our experience qualifying your wants and needs to being certain that setbacks, and other requirements are met, and keeping in mind that development covenants vary and you can lean on us to assist you with our experiences.

Lets give you an example of a lot that we have held onto for that special home to be built on. Keep in mind that as a builder we do select these lots as if we ourselves are building our own personal home on it, and trust us – "WE HAVE BUILT OUR OWN ON OUR PREMIUM SELECTED LOTS". With every model we have built and every pre-sold we design and build for all our clients we put the same enjoyment of new home construction, and experience into them all on your behalf as you work with us.

PREMIER NEW HOME BUILDING SITE: This new home construction lot at 3223 Scanlan Lane NE, Rochester MN is a private wooded lot at the rim of the city minutes from downtown and all the amenities of city living with benefits of the country including mature oak trees and wildlife. The "COMPS" in the Rochester marketplace are next to none and came in at $125k. There is no lot like this private wooded lot currently available for it is the last lot available in the "SHANNON OAKS 6TH" development on this private cul-de-sac. It was specially selected and held back for that special location for the right owners and new home. Because of the lot size at .60 acres, city location, elevations, and being it is 93.94 feet wide at curbside any style home from Two-Story to Rambler with a walkout Maplewood Custom Homes will "BUILD-TO-SUIT" your new home. We back our LOTS for your new home construction with LOTS OF EXPERIENCE in the best neighborhoods with the best prices.


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