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Don't let mother nature fool you

This time of year more than ever it seems, the weather is so unpredictable. Usually by now we have our outdoor areas buttoned up for winter in Minnesota. If you don't have sprinkler system winterized or those hoses disconnected, drained, and put away or if you have any other needed maintenance you need to do get it done to avoid potential problems. If you need any tips on maintenance of your new Maplewood Home we are always available to answer any questions.

During this season of the year it seems we get a lot of questions about when we can start a new home project. Don't let mother nature fool you into thinking we don't build new homes and do remodeling year round... "WE DO!" But it takes a great deal of planning.

Use our experience of home design-build in the great white north of the #MinnesotaWinters and start planning. We help you figure out a realistic timeline to building the home of your dreams. Or, we may already have one built for you in our #ModelHomeInventory at Maplewood Custom Homes if your looking for #TurnKeyHomes in Rochester MN!

Let's give you an example, our basement systems used at Maplewood Custom Homes allows us to maximize efficiency while allowing us to set products like "Superior Wall Systems" and other basement wall systems year round to allow for construction through the winter months too.

Our commitment is to bring you superior in quality products and craftsmanship from the foundation up. But keep in mind that inclement weather any season plays a part in any building project anytime of the year.

We continue to build homes year round with the right planning and continued advancements in the residential building, remodeling, additions, and home improvement industry in Rochester and SE Minnesota.

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