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Year in review, design-build with Maplewood Custom Homes

We continue to educate our past, present, and future customers and anyone who is considering designing and building a home for new construction, remodeling, additions or finishing a basement. They are all equally important in the construction process.

See Our Design/Build Process Videos!

Understanding the design-build process will make the project flow more easily and the efficiencies of time and money will come into play in the homeowners and contractors favor working together.


At Maplewood Custom Homes we "Build To Suite" with your project to maximize your vision and the end result will be what you want and expect in your home construction for new construction as well as other projects.

Come Home To Quality! We have throughout our building experiences become a leader in our industry by listening, watching, and continuing to learn ourselves on our customers behalf. What we mean is we stay current and up to code on all our builds and the workmanship and satisfaction of our clients is above standards of the industry.

Let this year and the next be a great year of learning and having successful design-build projects and let us help you in any way we can to continue to be of service in the home contracting industry with our continual commitment of our challenge to ourselves to raise the bar of the integrity of the residential industry. #DesignBuildRochester #MaplewoodCustomHomes

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