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2020 design-build spaces at home

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

In this weeks tip for design-build at home lets talk about working with your spaces and give an example of finishing your floors and how you can use your room size to your advantage in not only the type of finishes but the use of space and the illusion it can create.

No matter the size of space you are working with and regardless of budget flooring can be very tricky in your designing and building of your custom home. These photos of our work shows how flooring in even the smallest spaces can make them appear larger than they are by your direction and a lighter finish can do within the space. Lighter finishes will make the room have the illusion that the room is larger that it may be. Then when you use the hardwood or other flooring that may have a pattern you can create an open concept that can feel even larger than it truly is.

From floors to ceilings the same principals in design-build apply to creating your perfect space.

With our experiences in building homes of all sizes and purpose, from starter homes to vacation homes, or that empty nester villa, we have design-build solutions for your every need and even the wants!

Stay tuned in if 2020 is your year to get a clear vision in designing and building your new home remodeling, addition, or basement finish project.

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